Programmed Skilled Workforce

Sector: Education and Training


The National Energy Technician Training Scheme (NETTS) Queensland is a collaboration between Programmed and major oil and gas organisations – including ConocoPhillips Santos and Shell to build a skilled workforce for the future of Queensland Energy sector.


The NETTS QLD program has evolved from traditional apprenticeships and Traineeships in the following ways:
• Companies are working together, sharing their knowledge and experience to ensure that apprentices and Trainees have the best possible exposure.
• The first 12 weeks of the apprenticeship/ traineeship are based in a structured leaning environment to give participants the skills, knowledge and experience required to transition onto site on Curtis Island.
• All NETTS apprentices/trainees, regardless of trade, complete a common foundation training for the first 3 months at the start the course.
• In addition to their TAFE studies, apprentices are also taught a variety of life skills designed to prepare them for the transition from school to the workplace.
• Host companies offer opportunities to all NETTS apprentices in order to give them exposure to a variety of facilities and equipment.


Phone: 0437 138 362 (Karen Bellert)

Phone: 0429 020 513 (Letia Shaw)

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