Gladstone Ports Corporation

Sector: Local Industry


Gladstone Ports Corporation has a history of over 100 years in the Gladstone community and prides itself on being an employer of choice within our region. GPC has a workforce of 750 employees which perform a variety of roles including management, trade, technical and administrative duties supporting our core business functions.


Our core business functions are to manage port infrastructure and cargo handling operations for the ports; provide and maintain vital shipping channels; and to develop, manage and lease Strategic Port Land (SPL). Other responsibilities include road infrastructure, pilotage services, towage services (through an exclusive licence), property services, community parklands, quarantine and waste disposal services.



• Engineers
• Accountants
• Human Resources
• Safety
• Environment



• Diesel Fitters
• Mechanical Fitters
• Electrical Fitters
• Plumbers
• Carpenters
• Parklands Gardener

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