Gladstone Area Water Board

Sector: Government


The Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) is a State Government owned organisation that owns and operates Awoonga Dam on the Boyne River, along with a network of water delivery pipelines, water treatment plants and recreational areas.


GAWB is responsible for ensuring the long and short term water needs of current and future customers are met in ways that are environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable. GAWB is the sole supplier of raw water to major industrial sites in the Gladstone region and supplies treated drinking water to Gladstone Regional Council for distribution to homes and businesses. GAWB also owns and manages all the recreational facilities at Lake Awoonga and a Fish Hatchery.


GAWB employs approximately 100 staff across a diverse range of specialities including:
• Asset management
• Operations, maintenance and trades
• Engineering and project management
• Safety, risk and compliance
• Science and the environment
• Finance, procurement and contract management
• Human Resources
• Land Management
• Administration



Phone: (07) 4976 3000


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