How business can support these programs?

The future sustainability of EQIP programs requires a collaborative approach from local businesses and employers, local state high schools, students and other community organisations.

A partnership with EQIP can be developed through a number of avenues including:

  • Recognised as a sponsor through financial investment
  • Member of an EQIP Advisory Committee
  • Member of the EQIP Management Committee
  • Work placement provider
  • Participate in career talks and mock interviews
  • Attend careers expo to provide expert insights

In the spirit of true partnership, EQIP aims to ensure with the shared risk, comes shared benefits.  Therefore we work to ensure supporting organisations benefit from the partnership.The value proposition to businesses supporting and entering into a partnership with EQIP include:

  • Partner with an innovative, highly awarded and recognised educational organisation that has a strong reputable brand in the community
  • Play an integral role in the development of work ready students, who will be our communities next generation workforce and your future employees
  • Enhance brand and receive public recognition through EQIP marketing and promotional activities
  • Opportunities to have ‘buy in’ into the review of program deliverables and shape educational programs to meet employment needs

Contact EQIP on 0418 745 848 to discuss partnership opportunites and benefits.